Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paper Bead Wall Art

I've been thinking lately about ways to use paper beads other than jewelry. They're great for jewelry, of course--so lightweight and easy to wear--but I'm not much of a jewelry designer. My necklaces all look pretty much the same except different beads. Now, with paper beads, the differences between beads may be enough to make that work, but still, I'm looking for a project that's more uniquely me.

So I've been experimenting with wall art. I'm starting small, for now, making 5x7 plaques. I'll post some pictures once I have one completely finished, but I'm excited about the way they're coming out so far. I'm using half a sheet of paper to make beads, and the other half as a mat. I sew the beads onto card stock in interesting designs and mount it on the coordinating paper. Very cool.

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