Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Need to Create

As I was rolling some paper beads this morning, I found myself watching myself, as if from a distance. And I thought--what drives a mature, adult woman to spend an hour rolling little strips of paper around toothpicks? The answer, the only answer, is that I have an innate need to create.

It was this same need that drove me to try stringing beads into jewelry in the first place, but that soon wasn't enough. It seemed more like rearranging than creating. So I started to experiment with making my own beads. There's something wonderful about starting with a blank sheet of paper and ending with a beautiful bead. That is truly creative.

So where does this need come from? The answer that feels most right to me is that my creativity is the way in which I was "formed in the image of God." Maybe some people were formed more in the image of His constancy or compassion or lovingkindness. For me, I feel connected to Him when I--metaphorically--scoop up some dust and breathe life into it.

So I won't question whether or not my paper beads fulfill a purpose in the grand scheme of things. They add beauty to the world. Their creation adds beauty to my life. And that is enough for me.

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