Friday, March 19, 2010

Dictionary Beads

It's been Spring Break at our house this week, and I haven't gotten much done, except for playing with my son. We went to Six Flags twice this week--I love roller coasters! My husband and my best friend both hate them, so I don't know who I'll get to ride and scream with me once my son grows up and moves away. Guess I won't worry about that yet.

Said best friend is in Disney World with her family this week, where she's letting them ride the scary rides without her. She sent me a text a few days ago to say she found paper beads for sale in one of the gift shops there. I haven't seen the pictures yet, but I'm excited to hear it. Paper beads are catching on!

The picture up there (you knew I'd get to it eventually) is of the one paper bead set I have managed to finish this week. I made these with pages from an old dictionary. I had to glue two pages together, lengthwise, to be able to get the length of strip I needed, and I had to be careful about cutting margins away. I didn't want to roll up all those lovely words and end up with blank margin at the end of my strip! I thought I might make another set later and give the paper a tea wash first so it would look more aged. I still might do that, but once the paper was rolled and glossed, it had more of an aged tint to it than I expected.

I think I say this about every bead set I make, but I love the way these came out.

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