Saturday, March 13, 2010

Art Out There

What a gorgeous day here in North Texas! I rolled a few beads, but I spent most of the day outside with my family. We went hiking at the state park near our house--still awfully muddy, but after being shut up in the house for so long, the sunshine was a wonderful inspiration.

I've been entranced lately (over the last six months or so) by noticing the pattern tree branches make against the sky. Such stark outlines, like God's pencil sketches. Of course they're less stark in the full bloom of summer, but it's still a sharp contrast against the blue of the sky. These in this photograph were particularly interesting. This tree had bark at the bottom, but the top branches were stripped bare to white. Bizarre.

I can't say I particularly try to copy any of these patterns when I'm making art to create beads from, but I always feel inspired in my art after being out in nature. I think I feel a connection to the first Creator, who provides such beauty for us to enjoy.

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