Friday, February 12, 2010

Handpainted Paper Beads

We've had 12 inches of snow in north Texas--a genuine record amount!--and that means it's great weather to stay cozy and make beads (with plenty of hot chocolate, of course).

So here's the pictures I've been promising for the last couple of posts. This is my first set of truly handpainted beads. The pictures are of the paper after I'd painted it, then the finished beads. I love the way these came out! I keep running the strand of beads through my fingers, marveling that it was just a sheet of typing paper a few days ago. They are so pretty and shiny and glossy.

I anticipate lots of fun making these in different color combinations and different shapes. They make me feel so creative and artistic--it doesn't matter that I can't draw a recognizable person for this kind of art. Playing with colors speaks to something in my soul.

1 comment:

  1. The first paper beads I've ever made were done with hand painted paper. Once I get through my stack of Christmas wrapping paper I will go back to it, so I have more control of the colour scheme and they are well and truly handmade. Great job you did on yours, love the colours!