Friday, April 2, 2010

Striped Paper Beads

I love the way these striped beads came out. (I know, I always say that--I'm not posting pictures of the ones I didn't like the way they came out!)
I made these with a 12x18 inch piece of paper. I loaded my paintbrush with the blue-green paint and painted in a paintbrush-width column down the page. In practice, what that meant was that I had lots of color at the top of the page and next to nothing by the bottom. I did that all the way across the page.

I cut strips that were 5/8 inch on the bottom up to 5/16 at the top. This left triangles between them that were 5/6 inch at the top down to a point at the bottom. When I rolled a bead, I rolled the fatter strip first, then continued with the thinner strip. This meant the paint went from green to white and white back to green, which made these lovely stripes.

As always--have fun experimenting!

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